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Gently roasted cacao ground to make an enriching caffeine free alternative prepared and served like coffee, packed full of goodness.

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Why drink cacao daily?

Health & Cacao

Essential minerals -

Lets just say that cacao is one of the richest natural sources on the planet of Magnesium, Zinc, Iron, copper and potassium. all of which are essential for our survival.

Flavonoids -

A natural antioxidant, protecting the body against free radicals and the reduction of inflammation in the body.

Hormonal balance and health -

Naturally releases serotonin and feel good hormones in the brain.

Heart health -

Aside from the mineral content having a big part in supporting heart health; studies have proven that cacao reduces the build up of white blood cells and adhesion molecules in the arteries, thins the blood and improves overall cardiovascular performance when consumed with a healthy diet.

Hands holding beans Photo by Etty Fidelle

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Ancient wisdom

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