Swapping Resolutions for Intentions This New Year

Swapping Resolutions for Intentions This New Year

The start of a New Year, it’s hardly surprising that goal setting is just about everywhere we look right now. It’s the season of resolutions, creating new versions of ourselves and forming healthier habits. But, if like us, you don’t feel all that excited about setting resolutions there is a very reasonable explanation as to why. 

We don’t want to start this year on a downer… but studies show that 80% of New Year's resolutions fail. There are many reasons this could be, but it comes down to something that actually makes perfect sense… they lack a sense of why. Often, when we cultivate a resolution, the essence is based on external validation. They are rooted in what we think we should be doing. The trouble with this is that our motivation is low and resolutions are tough to stick to. 

The secret is to place our energy on why we want to bring those resolutions into existence. Essentially, we swap resolutions for intentions to ensure we are creating a life that feels good on the inside as well as the outside.

Here are 5 reasons to focus on intention setting this New Year 

Intentions connect us to our internal motivation 

Based on our connection within, intentions encourage us to find feelings amongst ourselves. When inspired internally, we remain connected, motivated and grounded to all that we do. It also means that we are able to find gratitude at every stage we are at, instead of solely focusing our attention on the unfolding of the future. 

Intentions focus on shifting our mindset 

Resolutions are specifically focused on goal setting. There is a sense of either reaching them, or not. Intentions are broader ideas and concepts that require us to take a look at our mindset as opposed to what we have just physically achieved. 

Intentions are grounding 

With resolutions being externally focused, they can often encourage us to disconnect from self without even realising. Due to the outward gaze required, it is easy to get wrapped up in reaching the goal without checking in. Intentions are rooted on a connection within to ensure each action is grounded and in alignment.  

Intentions are compassionate

Resolutions are clearly defined. You might have heard of SMART goals, which are measurable and specific. This tends to encourage behaviour to fall into “good” or “bad” labeling based on whether it helps us reach our resolutions. Intentions take a softer approach and invite compassion. The encouragement to check in with our bodies allows us to feel into what we are doing and adjusting accordingly. 

Intentions are soul-led

Resolutions are surface level, often based on physical or material objectives. Intentions are based on reaching our highest selves at a soul-level. They require us to dig deeper and are more meaningful as a result. 

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