Bare Cacao Easter Nests: 5 Ingredients & 5 Minutes to Make

Bare Cacao Easter Nests: 5 Ingredients & 5 Minutes to Make

Easter; a time of chocolate and contemplation. 

When you hear the word “Easter”, the chances are that your mind quite quickly pairs it with “egg” thanks to the shops stocking their shelves with the golden goodness almost as soon as Christmas is over. What you might not know is that the egg is an ancient symbol of new life, based on the Christian belief of resurrection occurring at this time. Outside of religion, it is often why we associate this time of year with cleaning, rejuvenation and fresh starts.

It’s a beautiful opportunity to take time to appreciate the signs of Spring around us and set intentions for the new season ahead. 

What better way to celebrate this new beginning than taking care of ourselves. Whilst it might not be a time of year that you associate with eating healthy (hello chocolate overload), there is a way that you can indulge in a way that will be loading your body with antioxidants, essential minerals and heart-opening goodness. 

Cue our Bare Cacao Easter Nests. 

These easy to make, 5 ingredient treats can be whipped up in 5 minutes and decorated with any Easter essentials you enjoy. Not only are they perfect for the whole family to get involved in making, but they can be personalised for all to appreciate too. With a mixture of healthy fats, slow-releasing carbs and plenty of antioxidants they are good for the heart in more ways than one! 

Make as a fun Easter activity, or as a snack for to keep your energy levels high throughout the seasonal activities. They are perfect to enjoy on the go, or whilst you enjoy your cup of cacao. Plus, with the cacao's intentional properties they are an opportunity for you to enjoy heart-opening food that creates space for you to set your Spring intentions. 

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All you need is: 

150g Oats 

100g Peanut Butter 

3-4tbsp your choice of syrup 

60g Coconut Oil 

Bare Cacao leftovers 

How to make: 

1. Melt the peanut butter, syrup and coconut oil in a pan on a low heat until it forms a smooth mixture. 

2. While you wait, make up a cup of Bare Cacao to enjoy - keeping the leftovers in the bottom of the cafetiere to the side. 

3. Take off the heat and mix in oats and with the leftover Bare Cacao.

4. Form into nests by making a flat shape and pressing the back of the spoon into the centre. 

5. Fill the nest with your choice of goodness! 

We filled our nests with Doisy & Dam's vegan mini eggs, but fill yours as you choose! Just be sure to tag us in your creations @barecacao 

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