Cacao Snack Recipe: Bare Bliss Balls

Cacao Snack Recipe: Bare Bliss Balls

As the Spring starts to come into view, we are finally welcoming the great outdoors back into our lives. Daffodils are popping up, days are getting longer and the weather is warming. Naturally as our energy rises with the Spring sunshine we feel the call to be “doing” again. Our winter hibernation is well and truly coming to an end.

bliss balls, cacao peanut butter, almonds and caconut

What a welcome sight the sun is! 

As we shift into this new season, our time spent in the kitchen may take a shift too. Moving away from the winter warmers, our food focus shifts towards quick, easy and healthy snacks that can be enjoyed on the go, offering a burst of energy in each bite. Luckily, we have just the thing you need.. And it is likely to be made from everything you already have in your cupboard!  On top of that, this recipe is also an excellent option to aid with the reduction of food waste. Optimising your Bare Cacao leftovers, it ensures that every inch of your pack is maximised to its full potential. 

If you’re looking for some other ways to make use of your leftovers, you can head here for some more inspiration. Plus, if you have your own creations, we are always looking to share ideas with the Bare Cacao Community - so be to sure tag us @barecacao 

So, if you’re looking for a Spring snack...

That is packed full of healthy fats, fibre, protein and antioxidants then look no further. This recipe can be made in 5 minutes, with minimal waste and little expense. It can also be taken on the go, enjoyed as a snack throughout the day, or something sweet after a meal. Introducing… 

bare bare balls, cacao bowls in a wooden ball next to packet of bare cacao

Bare Bliss Balls 

You will need: 

  • 200g of almonds 
  • 100g of dates 
  • 2tbsp of peanut butter (or your own choice!)
  • BC leftovers (or 2tbsp of cacao, mixed with 2tbsp of water) 


  1. Blend the almonds in a food processor or a strong blender for 1 minute. You can ground down until it resembles fine flour, or leave it a little chunkier like we did. 
  2. Add in the dates and blend for a further minute. 
  3. Add in peanut butter and cacao leftovers and blend for 30 seconds
  4. Roll into balls and then into coconut if you wish!
  5. Enjoy! 
bare cacao bliss balls. peanut butter cacao coconut peanut butter ground almonds

Have you made the bliss balls? Or did you add any extras that you feel like sharing? Tag us in a picture and we will share with our community. 

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