How To Make Use of Your Leftover Cacao - Breakfast Edition

How To Make Use of Your Leftover Cacao - Breakfast Edition

There really is nothing better than enjoying that first sip of cacao. The warmth of the cup, the joy of its aroma and the enticingly indulgent taste. It’s definitely something to savour. 

The beauty of Bare Cacao is that once you reach the end of your cup, there’s still something to look forward to; the leftovers. If you have been pressing your cacao and wondering what happens to the precious chunks left in the bottom, don’t fear. There is no end to the use of the leftovers. 

If you’re used to enjoying your cacao as part of your morning ritual, then this edition is for you. Once you have savoured your intention-setting cup of calm, it’s time to turn its leftovers into a delicious, nourishing breakfast. Not only does cacao boost your mood, concentration and energy levels, but it’s a warm and comforting addition to your first meal of the day too.

Here are some ways to make use of cacao for your breakfast. 


There is nothing better on a cold winter’s day than a warm bowl of porridge in the morning. Well, actually there is one thing that could make it better. Add your cacao leftovers into the oats, cook as normal and enjoy some sprinkles of the nibs on top. With just a simple step added, you have an upgraded bowl of goodness. The bowl will have an enticing hint of chocolate, whilst containing an extra oomph to keep you going for longer. 


Whether you’re grabbing breakfast on the go, or trying to get as much of your 5 a day in one hit, smoothie’s are a good choice of breakfast all year round. They are also one of the easiest ways to make use of your cacao. Simply pop the leftovers in the blender with the rest of your ingredients and you will have a boost of energy in no time. Our favourite choice is berries, banana, protein powder, plant-based milk and a spoon of peanut butter. 


Some days, chocolate spread on toast is the only breakfast that is going to hit the sweet spot. With your cacao leftovers, it’s going to be a meal that does more than just that. Opting for an indulgent breakfast sounds like a bad idea. An energy crash probably comes to mind. But with Bare Cacao you don’t have to worry about that because it has properties to balance your mood and hormonal dips. Simply mix the leftovers with your favourite spread (ours is peanut butter) and you have a nutritious and comforting choice. 


What’s better than waking up to a long, lazy morning with pancakes thrown in the mix? To bring even more bliss to your breakfast, your cacao leftovers can either be mixed into the batter, stirred into your toppings or simply sprinkled on top. An easy way to take your pancake stack to the next level. 

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