5 ways to harness the Leo energy

5 ways to harness the Leo energy

Although the UK may not currently be picking up on the Summer vibe, this month a different kind of heat is in play. On July 23rd, carrying through to August 22nd, the Sun is moving through Leo, a fire sign with plenty of heating energy. With the sun being its absolute strongest in this sign, it’s an astrological period that you are going to want to take notice of. 

Leo is here to offer you a stronger sense of self. With its fiery energy, it offers self-assurance and a drive to do all the things that you’re capable of. It heightens creativity, expression and confidence to ensure that you have the energy to do all the things you desire. Essentially, Leo is here to make you feel more like yourself. 

But as with all fiery things, there is a risk of getting burned in Leo season. 

It’s vital to find time to balance the heat with a little bit of ice. Think cooling and grounding practices that help you to center before you draw on your fire. It’s a push and pull between feeling the desire to do it all, whilst remembering that you’re a human who can only do so much. If balanced well, Leo energy is incredibly fun to play with, so let’s find out how we can make the most of it. 

Here are 5 ways to harness the Leo energy: 

1. Meditate 

Leo’s energy is all about jumping into action, which is great but can also mean that we say yes to the wrong things before even stopping to consider them. Taking time to meditate each day ensures that we remain aligned within and can use the Leo energy in a way that benefits us. If Leo’s fire makes it hard for you to sit still, try at least doing something meditative each day. This could be a walk or a menial task that you’re able to drift away with. You could also try sitting with a cup of cacao, which has a ritualistic element that grounds you into the present. 

2. Spend time in nature 

Fire is an exciting element to play with, but it needs to be balanced to not get out of control. Spending time in nature, preferably barefoot walking on the ground, can be an excellent reminder to stay connected and keep the Leo flame under control. When you feel yourself caught up in the chaos of Leo take a moment to step outside and feel yourself re-centre. Breathe in the fresh air and allow yourself to ground into the moment. 

3. Burn-off energy 

Leo has the kind of energy that feels endless. If all this extra energy circulates with nowhere to go, you may find yourself feeling anxious or possibly even angry. It’s important to ensure this energy is put to use. Book into an extra workout class, pull up all the items on your to-do list that you always leave to the end, or attempt to learn a new skill. 

4. Socialise 

Leo’s energy likes to be the star of the show. If socialising is something you often struggle with, this is a good time to make plans with friends. Leo harnesses self-expression, so enjoy spending time with your lighter, outward side of yourself. Just be sure to schedule in enough time for you to avoid burnout. 

5. Find focus 

Leo needs direction, otherwise, it gets caught up in the chaos. Whilst the “go, go, go” energy is an excellent thing to harness, if it’s not pointed in the right direction it can get out of hand. Take time each day to sit down and actively decide where you want to focus your energy. Cacao is packed with flavonols, which have been shown in numerous studies to improve blood flow to the brain. Drink a cup each day to make sure you’re harnessing the Leo energy efficiently. 

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