5 Easy Ways to Make Bare Cacao

5 Easy Ways to Make Bare Cacao

You’ve seen the enticing slow pour, health benefits and ritual of Bare Cacao and now there’s only one thing on your mind: how do I make it? You may have seen one of the preferred methods to be a cafetiere and wondered if there are alternatives? Well, the answer is absolutely. In fact, there are many. 

One of the huge advantages of Bare Cacao is that it can be enjoyed just about anywhere, using a variety of methods to make it. From enjoying it as you would savour your morning in a cafetiere, to cooking it on the stove in a ceremony, slowly diffusing it like you would a fine English tea, or giving the cacao an extra roasting with a percolator, there’s something for everyone. Plus, the best part? Each method entices a slightly different flavour from the cacao, meaning there are endless ways for you to enjoy depending on your mood, or the occasion. 

Here are 5 ways to enjoy Bare Cacao 

1. Cafetiere 

One of our favourite methods, the cafetiere is a simple way to produce exceptional results when it comes to making cacao. Commonly known as a French press, coffee plunger or a piston a cafetiere is likely to be something that is lying around in your house somewhere. Enjoying Bare Cacao in this way couldn’t be simpler. All you need is a little bit of stirring and patience to savour the perfect cup. 

Here’s a note from our founder on how to enjoy this method: 

Take two heaped tablespoons of Bare Cacao to one 6-8 cup cafetiere, pour over filtered boiled water, (I normally leave 5-10 seconds once the kettle has clicked) stir and place the lid back on without plunging. Set timer on phone, or your watch for five minutes, using that precious time however you chose. Give it another quick stir and then pop down the plunger slowly, being careful not to create too much pressure which can allow for seepage and spillage. If you like milk or a vegan substitute, I find warming the milk first in my cup the best practice, or if you like it just as it is, then just pour and enjoy.

Best for: convenience and portability. 

2. Heat on the hob

In the spiritual Instagram world, you may have seen cacao being cooked on the hob blessed and infused with rose petals. Whilst Bare Cacao is very much a daily ritual, it still lends beautifully to this ceremonial method of enjoying cacao. Perhaps you don’t have time in the mornings for the added extras, but this is still a quick and easy way to enjoy strong, rich cacao.

All you have to do is place 2-4 tbsp of cacao into a pan, with 200ml of water. Turn the heat on low and slowly allow the water to rise in temperature, stirring every minute or so. If you want to add in extras, head over to our How to Make Bare Cacao in Ceremony blog. When the water begins to gently simmer, take the cacao off of the heat. Now, all you need is a small-holed strainer and a cup. Pour the contents through the strainer and allow a cup underneath to capture all of its goodness. 

Best for: rituals and rich flavour.   

3. Stove top

The Moka pot or Stove top espresso maker is a sleek representation of classic Italian design and engineering that was invented in 1933 and quickly became iconic. The easily recognisable shape has adorned trendy kitchen tops, most popular in Italy and South America. Offering a more intense, rich brew it is akin to your espresso versus a filter coffee. In other words, if you like your cacao strong and rich, this may be the option for you. 

Here’s a note from our founder on how to enjoy this method: 

Fill the bottom chamber with water, making sure that on inspection all of the composite parts are clean and free of granules, especially under the seal in the top compartment. Load the cap with the funnel underneath with a good 2 tablespoons of Bare cacao, being sure not to press it down too hard, as it becomes too compressed and it will take ages to fill the top. Twist the lid back on and pop it on your flame (great for camping) or hob on medium-high heat, then listen out for the tell-tale bubbling sound indicating that the magic is happening. Reduce the heat and allow for the liquid to rise into the top compartment. I normally have a sneaky peek and see if it’s risen to the top and then take off the heat, leave for a minute or 2 and then pour into the waiting cup. It’s definitely best in my opinion served black, but again add your preferred extras beforehand while you’re waiting so it’s good to go straight away. 

Best for: rich and robust flavour

4. Infuser

If you’re out on the go or lacking resources in the warm drink department, a classic infuser works wonders. Whether it’s in a teapot, or a diffuser you place in a cup, it is still a simple method of creating an incredible beverage. All you need to do is place 2-3tbsp of cacao inside the diffuser, pour hot water over it and wait. Give it a good swish and stir, then when 5 minutes is up its ready to enjoy. 

Best for: ease and enjoying on the go. 

5. Percolator

Similar to a stove top, the percolator is an excellent choice for coffee connoisseurs who enjoy the process of creating a warm drink as much as they enjoy the rich flavour of the final product. Following the same process as a Stove Top, the difference with a percolator is that it uses the grounds of gravity by continually cycling the boiling water, until the desired strength is met. Susceptible to over-extraction, this is a great idea for those who like to enjoy their cacao a little stronger. 

Best for: connoisseurs and strength seekers. 

How do you make your Bare Cacao. Head over to our Instagram to let us know. 

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