Everything You Need to Know About Cacao Ceremonies

Everything You Need to Know About Cacao Ceremonies

Recently, you may have noticed Cacao ceremonies appearing more frequently. If you’ve been wondering what takes place during the ceremony, we have put together a guide for you. 

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Here’s everything you need to know about a cacao ceremony:  

Whilst a Cacao ceremony may be something that is new to you, the ceremonies have actually been around for thousands of years. Originally practiced in Central and South America, they were born amongst Mayan and Aztec traditions and have a long history of being practiced. Their initial intention was for spiritual, medicinal and inner awakening purposes, which are objectives that still hold truth when we practice cacao ceremonies today. 

What is cacao? 

Cacao is a sacred plant, grown on trees that produce large oval pods. Inside each are beans that are made into what we know to be powder, nibs and butter. Its pure origins offer a slightly bitter taste, so it often is found to be mixed with various substances (sugar, milk, butter) to appeal to a sweeter palate. Due to the goodness that lies within the beans, Cacao is often labeled as a “superfood” and promoted for its endless health benefits. 

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Why is Cacao used in ceremonies? 

Cacao literally translates to “heart blood”. Containing Theobromine, a mild stimulant that helps to open the heart, Cacao is believed to help us connect to our inner wisdom. Heavily associated with the heart Chakra, the high levels of minerals and flavonoids found in cacao have also been linked with increasing blood flow to the heart. This means that Cacao enables us to release any blockages around our core centre and to allow energy to flow more freely around the body. 

Drinking Cacao in ceremony is believed to help us connect to our truest intentions that are based on our hearts desires. Essentially, it’s the “moving from your head into your heart” process that we often hear about. In doing this, it is believed that we are able to release negative emotions, connect to ourselves and recognise the loving energy that is within our bodies. Through drinking cacao in ceremony we are able to tap into our true, authentic selves and feel a deeper sense of inward connection... something that we may struggle to do amongst the hustle and bustle of our busy, everyday lives. 

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What happens at a Cacao ceremony? 

Cacao ceremonies can take place in many different forms. It can be a personal ritual, or shared amongst a gathering of people. You may have found that cacao ceremonies have been popping up at your local yoga studio, or advertised in events surrounding the phases of the moon. This is because typically the energy that cacao creates in the body can be harnessed through a yoga practice. Due to the energies of the moon asking for opening of the heart, cacao ceremonies can be powerful when tied into the moon phases too. 

That being said, there is no right time or place to practice a ceremony. They can be practiced simply with cacao, or with dance, sound healing, open-circle sharing or meditations. Some ceremonies will optimise the energising element of cacao, maybe with an ecstatic dance or vinyasa yoga practice. Others will tune into Cacao’s more calming, inward energy, perhaps through meditation or yin yoga. Or, the ceremony will take place without any form of collaboration, purely focusing on the traditional ritual of drinking the cacao and tuning into the emotional elements that rise.

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What is the purpose of the ceremonies?

The main purpose of a Cacao ceremony is to connect inward and draw more energy to the wisdom of the heart. Taking away the external elements, the core aspect of the ceremony is whatever the individual needs it to be. The simple art lies within taking time to create a ritual around the drink, being open to the energy it creates within and honouring the sacred practice. Setting an intention and placing it into the special substance is the core of any kind of cacao ceremony. Whether this is alone/in a group, paired alongside something energetic/calming or a special occasion/daily occurrence the practice is still as powerful. 

How to create a simple cacao ceremony:

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