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Hi, I’m Suze. A self-employed, mainly home-based, workaholic. I’m best described as an animal lover who’s constantly battling chocoholism, whilst struggling to maintain a regular gym / exercise routine.

As you can probably guess, my main passion is animals! Plus, I also love nature and the great outdoors.

I first discovered Bare Cacao by pure luck (powered by Google!) whilst searching for caffeine-free alternatives to chocolate. Due to the fact that I am caffeine sensitive, I was trying to break the dark chocolate (decaf) mocha habit. I was looking for a chocolate-themed alternative to dark chocolate that would still keep me cheery on a daily basis! It certainly did the trick as I now enjoy 2 cups a day, sometimes 3 on a challenging one, or when I fancy an extra treat. I usually enjoy a cup at breakfast, or the start of a working day and another as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. To enjoy it, I open the bag and breathe in the delicious aroma. I then pop 2 coffee scoops worth into a cafetiere, boil the kettle and follow the brewing instructions on the bag. Just before the 5 minutes of brewing time is up, I microwave 50-100ml of semi-skimmed/coconut milk into a cup and then add the brewed drink to the heated milk and stir. It’s absolute perfection! At the moment,

I’m not currently making use of the leftovers, so I’d love to see more ideas like the Easter recipe you posted before with ideas on how to use them!



Hi, I’m Tracie. I’m 50 years old and have owned my hair and beauty and salon for over 25 years. I pride myself on being friendly, warm and caring. I just love to look after others!

My biggest passion is my business, which is going from strength to strength - despite the pandemic.
I first discovered Bare cacao from my friend Maggie, who I started wild swimming with in the Tynemouth (N/E England) sea.
It came at the perfect time because I was really struggling with my weight and I’ve always had a sweet tooth. My problem was at night time when I was really tired from work, I would eat loads of chocolate and biscuits. But once I started having Bare Cacao after my evening meal my sugar cravings disappeared. I love it! I now swim every morning in the sea and always make a flask up to take down to the beach to warm me up. I also still haven’t eaten a biscuit yet! Another huge benefit is that since not eating refined sugar my migraines have been more or less none existent! 
I’m keen to share this goodness with others, so I have been recommending Bare cacao to lots of my clients. I’ve even thought of offering it in my salon!



Emma Orlando

Hey, I’m Emma! A yoga teacher and Ayurveda practitioner, who is passionate about helping people live a more consciously connected life. After spending the past few years traveling, I finally bought myself a campervan to explore the UK this year and I cannot wait to move my life onto the road! My cupboards are already stocked with cacao ready to go! 

I first discovered Bare Cacao on Instagram, when I was looking for a coffee alternative. Having spent a year working in an Australian coffee shop in Sydney, drinking more cups of coffee than I cared to count each day, I decided I needed to make a huge change to my morning drink consumption. I started to develop shakes and anxious energy after each cup and I knew it wasn’t sustainable. 

 Once I had qualified for my Ayurvedya qualification, it became clear as to why I was having such an adverse reaction. Due to my dosha type, caffeine didn’t react well with my blueprint and I needed to find a more grounding alternative. 

 Having shared cacao at my moon ceremonies, I was already familiar with its wonderful qualities, but I just didn’t think I would be able to incorporate it in my daily ritual… it felt far too fancy for that! Until I discovered Bare Cacao and realised cacao could be a part of my life each day. 

 Before I changed to cacao, my morning coffee consumption used to be rushed and urgent. It fuelled adrenaline that absolutely didn’t help me offer calming energy to my clients. Now, I enjoy my cacao each day as a ritual. It’s a reminder to pause, take a breath and savour the taste. It’s my encouragement to slow down and not assume everything I do needs to be fulfilled at 100 miles per hour. 

 Each morning, I boil the kettle and journal whilst I wait. I often light a candle or burn some incense to set the ambiance. Then, I pour my cacao into a Cafetière and whilst waiting for it to brew I close my eyes and set my intention for the day. Once it’s ready, I sip it slowly and cement my intentions into the cup. It’s the perfect way for me to start my day from a grounded, centered place. 

 I pop the leftovers straight in the fridge until I make my breakfast. When I’m ready to eat, I then mix it into my morning smoothie, oats or spread it on toast. Or, if I’m planning on doing any baking that day, I’ll save it for later! 

 I’d love to see a cacao and mushroom concoction - seeing as I often end up adding mushroom powder already! The two are a power combo for concentration. 

You can find me at:


Hi I’m Nicola


Fun loving mother and wife, hardworking, conscientious soul who loves the great outdoors. A big foodie and lover of the finer things in life too!

My Tropic Skincare business! I’ve noticed a huge difference in my skin since switching everything over to a natural, vegan brand and I wholeheartedly love what I endorse to others.

I discovered Bare Cacao in Infinity Foods in Brighton when searching for a Cacao powder to compliment my breakfast smoothies.

I drink Bare Cacao regularly because I love the depth of flavour, I’ve never tried anything like it before and really enjoy the diversity of this product.

I drink Bare Cacao at least 4 times a week.

I have started placing it in a Cafetière and enjoying it as an alternative to tea / coffee; however I also love it as it is straight out of the bag blended with a banana, blueberry and cinnamon smoothie.

I don’t use the leftovers for anything especially when in a smoothie as it goes down in one! However, when making it in a cafetiere I would like to reuse the leftovers; perhaps you could tell me more ways to use the leftovers.

I would love to see something food related created using Bare Cacao!

The Power of Simplicity

We truly believe in the power of taking just 5 minutes each day to connect within, fuel your body with goodness, set an intention and breathe in abundance. That's exactly what our cacao is an invitation to do.

Our Team is Small

Attention to detail is very important to us. That's why we roast all cacao in our Sussex warehouse, weaving intention into every batch. Everything from the roasting to the packaging is done in house with love and care, to give you the best product possible

Meet the Founder

This is Aaron!

Aaron has worked in the food and drink industry for over two decades, and over the last nine years has mainly supported SMEs build their brands.

Aaron launched the Bare Cacao business at the start of 2020 from his own kitchen,

“Addicted to caffeine, work and stress I wanted to create a drink that was worthy of a healthy ritual that could not only replace my afternoon coffee and tea but could create an oasis in the days chaos; help calm the mind, and reconnect me with my intentions and goals. I took inspiration from the ancient cultures of Mesoamerica, where cacao has been drunk in
ceremony for over five thousand years. The vision is to make Bare cacao a global iconic brand and empower millions of people to take control of their day and find peace within.”