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Blue Moon Intention Setting

Have you felt the heavy energy in the air this week? You are definitely not alone. You may have found yourself feeling a little anxious, lacking in concentration, restless and more emotional than usual. If you’ve been wondering why, the moon may be able to shed some light. 

Chances are, you’ve heard of the saying “once in a Blue Moon” when referring to a rare occurrence, but what you might not know is that this mystical rare blue moon is finally making an appearance this week. Every one to three years, two full moons appear in the same month and when this occurs the second full moon is referred to as blue. This year the arrival of October’s Blue Moon is even more unique as it just so happens to fall on Halloween, a coincidence that hasn’t occurred in over 75 years. 

During the full moon, a powerful glow lights up the sky and illuminates everything that we may previously have been struggling to see. A light is shone on what we wish to achieve, and all the things that are standing in the way of us doing so. An opportunity is presented to release what no longer serves us and to let go of all that holds us back. 

So, what is the particular energy of this Blue Moon?

As its name suggests, the Blue Moon offers a “once in a Blue Moon” opportunity to release, renew and transform. Essentially, the energy of the full moon is heightened even more than usual, providing stronger illumination and power to release. It’s a unique chance to step into a new light and shred anything that no longer serves you. 

Due to the intensity of the light, the energy is strong and you may find yourself having difficulty sleeping, heightened emotion or increased anxiety during this phase. This is because the moon wants you to see everything that it’s light is casting a glow on. It wants you to confront all that is difficult, so you can push past the obstacles. Whilst it may not always feel like it, the energy is here to help you. 

Full Moon in Taurus:

This particular full moon falls into the Taurus star sign. Combined with the heightened energy of it being a Blue Moon, you may find this particular full moon quite triggering. As an earth sign, Taurus wants you to get right into the dirt of things. It asks you to dig up anything you have been burying, whether that be emotions, unwanted conversations, fears, doubts etc., and to truly face all that you try to push away. 

Expect your insecurities to be highlighted in ways you may not be expecting. This moon is inviting you to embrace your weaknesses and channel them to become your strengths. It is asking that you see all the challenges that come your way as lessons for you to grow. The energy is demanding that you move out of the shadows and create. 

It’s Scorpio Season: 

This moon takes place as the sun is in Scorpio, which rules our vulnerable and emotional sides. Combined with the Taurus energy, we are being invited to dig deep into where our insecurities lie. There is a calling to our shadow sides to come to the surface so that we can learn to work with them. It encourages recognition of self-limiting beliefs, the judgements we hold on ourselves, the expectations we set and the parts of us we struggle to show self-love to. In coming face-to-face with all of these insecurities, we are able to reason and work with them in a way that allows us to let them go. 

Full Moon Ritual: 

The full moon is a time to practice releasing, and for this particular moon it’s the perfect time to let go of the way we hold ourselves back. To dig up everything we push down. To embrace our creativity. To release the insecurities that hold us back. 

You may have seen Full Moon Cacao ceremonies and wondered what the significance is. Essentially, the moon is offering an opportunity for setting intentions around what you want to let go and release. To assist with this, cacao contains properties that open the heart and allow us to be present in our bodies. This presence then helps us form a deeper connection with the self and work with the moon’s energy on a closer level. 

As you will have seen above, this moon is inviting us to go dig deeper into our emotions to see what lies beneath them. By drinking cacao, we create that opportunity to delve and come face-to-face with how we truly feel. This is where the magic allows us to set intentions, release what no longer serves and grow into the space that is left. 

Intentions for this full moon: 

  • I intend to truly feel all of the emotions that arise 
  • I intend to acknowledge my shadows without judgement 
  • I intend to show love and compassion to myself 
  • I intend to step into my creativity 
  • I intend to recognise and release all the places I feel stuck 
  • I intend to leave behind self-limiting thoughts and patterns 
  • I intend to let go of all that no longer serves 

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