A Guide to Attuning Your Energy to Autumn

A Guide to Attuning Your Energy to Autumn

On September 22nd, the Autumn Equinox takes place transitioning us into Vata season. Keep reading to find out how you can attune your energy to these changes. 

If you have found yourself asking; “where on Earth did the summer go!?”, you’re not alone. With a washout in August, we haven’t exactly been bathing in Summer energy. That being said, you may have still felt the shift in energies as we begin to slowly move into Autumn. If you’ve noticed a lot stirring within, perhaps a discomfort or unfamiliar feeling, it’s the seasonal changes letting you know that some adaptations need to take place. 

This Wednesday, we welcome the Autumn Equinox.

Logistically, this means that for a brief moment, night and day are almost exactly equal before the day begins to get shorter. You know what this means... darker nights and a festive feel in the air. As the sun begins to draw inward, we are being invited to mirror its energy. It’s time to turn the expressive energy of Summer towards ourselves to offer plenty of self-care, nourishment and warmth. 

If you are familiar with dosha’s, Autumn is the season of Vata.

For those of you that aren’t sure what that means, Vata is made up of air and space elements. It holds the properties of cold, light, dry and rough, which is why it is associated with the Autumn season. To ensure that we are finding harmony in the colder days, we need to make sure we are balancing this energy.

Here are 5 ways to attune your energy to Autumn 

Practice grounding 

As Vata is a space element, it can often be associated with anxiety. This is because everything is free-flowing and it is hard to get a grip on anything. You may find yourself feeling overwhelmed at the things you were able to tackle effortlessly during the summer months. To soothe this, it’s important to schedule lots of space for grounding. Take plenty of time to be in nature, practice grounding breathwork/yoga and try to find time for stillness. 

Eat warming foods 

Autumn carries Vata energy, which essentially means it is cooler and airier. To find balance, we need to invite warmth from within. This can be found in foods that have spice, heat and a hearty essence. Think soups, stews and of course… cacao. This will help you to find grounding and offer your body the nourishment it needs. 

Schedule time for self-care 

Summer’s energy is incredibly external, but Autumn invites you to flip that and draw your attention inward. This is a time to give to you. Where you may have spent the past few months rushing around for everyone else, this is the season to show the same attention to yourself. Soak in self-care and take time to truly nourish yourself. 

Set boundaries 

If you have found yourself saying yes to everything all Summer, now is the time to say no. There’s every chance that your energy won’t be as high, so you might find you are unable to take on as much. Whilst you may feel some frustration at this, the best thing you can do for yourself is to just go with it. Take tasks off of your to-do list, commit to fewer plans and communicate your needs more effectively. You will thank yourself for it later. 

Embrace the energy 

If you’re someone who loves Summer and dreads the winter, you may be feeling a fair amount of resistance at this time. This is only going to make the seasonal transition even harder. Instead, try appreciating the beauty of this season and welcome in the calmer energy. If you notice yourself resisting, take time to sit with that. Journal on what is rising and see if you can offer yourself anything to make the changes easier. 

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