5 Steps To Making The Perfect Cup of Bare Cacao

5 Steps To Making The Perfect Cup of Bare Cacao

There are so many ways to make your "perfect" cup of cacao. Some, like it sweetened, others revel in the bitterness. Some, like it strong and robust, others enjoy it mild and gentle. Some, love to add extra flavour, others think it's flavoursome enough just as it is! That's why we always encourage you to explore with making Bare Cacao to find the blend that's right for you. 

That being said, it's always good to have a starting point! Which is exactly why we put together this guide on how to make Bare Cacao. Of course, we encourage you to get creative, but as a baseline, you can't go wrong with the below: 

Step one: Add Cacao

The standard dose is 1TBSP of Cacao, per standard single serve cafetiere. This gives you an average strength cacao, perfect for a daily ritual. You can add more or less depending on your preference, or if you wish to make it more of a ceremonial dose. 

Step two: Add Water 

Boil the kettle and fill your cafetiere to your desired height - this will also determine the strength too. Full to the top will ensure the mild brew. You may also want to add your choice of sweetener here (honey, sugar, coconut nectar etc). If you wish to add any additional flavours this is where to do so too! 

Step three: Stir Well 

The first round of stirring needs to be enough to get all the goodness out of the cacao and into your cup! A minute of stirring is best here. You can practice counting your breath whilst you stir to begin sinking into mindfulness and presence. 

Step four: Ritual Time

Make the most of our FREE ritual library whilst you pause for 5 minutes and wait for your cacao to brew. Patience really is key here. The longer you allow the cacao to the brew, the more flavour and health benefits you will invite in. Notice where you are feeling the call to rush and see if you can sit with your intention for a moment longer. 

Step five: Second Stir & Enjoy! 

Stir well again for one more minute to release all the final bits of goodness into the cup. Then, press, pour and sip on your cacao cementing your intention into the cup, noticing the flavours and feeling the warmth travel through your body. 

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